ARBD Awareness CIC offers help based upon many years of experience with the behaviour of people with ARBD. It is called the reality of a person with ARBD. The characteristics of a person with ARBD present a challenge because of the basic symptoms of memory loss, confusion and apathy. We believe that progress can be made in many cases by providing the appropriate environment, by stimulating the mind with repetitive challenges and devising a daily activities strategy.

We are offering the following

1) Training

Training for those who work with people who have ARBD. This may be doctors, social workers, physios, care staff, A& E staff or members of a mental health team.

2) Advice

Advice for everyone; particularly young people who need to be aware of the dangers of drinking excess alcohol.

3) Support

Supporting those who have or who are living with a person who has ARBD. Often the loneliest and most stressful position is that of a carer or member of the family who has to endure the problems meted out by people who have ARBD.

4) Placements

Our Bed Bureau Service helps place people with Korsakoff‘s in care homes where they will receive specialist care. We also work with the care home and hospital staff to ensure a smooth transition. We can also assess people on behalf of the care home, if that is necessary, although this is normally done by the care home.