ARBD Awareness offers training and advice based upon the day to day experience of working with people who have been diagnosed with a form of alcohol related brain damage. The characteristics of a person with ARBD present a challenge because of the basic symptoms of memory loss, confusion and apathy. We believe that progress can be made in many cases by providing the appropriate environment, by stimulating the mind with repetitive challenges and devising a daily activities strategy.

Training and advice is offered on the following:

1. Awareness training for professionals.

We offer a residential model for the rehabilitation of people with ARBD based upon a re-engagement programme. This is an activities based programme which promotes daily living skills aimed at providing the basis for independent living.

Although staff may be aware that a person has a diagnosis of Wernicke’s Korsakoff’s syndrome (WKS) vital indications are often missed. This training deals with the reality of a person with WKS.

2. Awareness for youth.

This is an information based, light-hearted discussion to make people aware of the possibilities of what could happen as a result of excess alcohol and a poor diet. Our aim is to give people the information so that they can make their own decisions. This service is free of charge.

3. Care home development.

We also offer a consultancy with support for ARBD residential based upon a Re-engagement Programme, Staff Training, Leadership and Management.

4. Care staff training.

This training is based upon an understanding of the ARBD person with the aim of implementing the re-engagement model through encouragement and repetition.