Training session at Royal Cornwall Hospital

A random act of kindness

Such is the nature of the human condition that often a day can be made by a random act of kindness or ruined by a thoughtless word. Supporting those with alcohol related brain damage we operate in a world where we almost expect rejection, indifference and dismissal because that is often the predominant cultural attitude towards those who are harmed by alcohol. The worst bit is when the reaction comes from those in a position to help. When we delivered our talk at Mary and Joseph House in Manchester the home was not only a revelation, it recharged our batteries. Their attitude to their residents hits you like a brick and it’s energising.

Today we were at the other end of the country talking to hospital staff from alcohol liaison team and other departments at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Now, we would not have been surprised if their attitude was ‘seen it all, done that,’ but none of it. It would be fair to say that what keeps us going are those moments of sunshine that encourages us to continue and to work harder in the cause of those affected by ARBD. Today was one of those days. We were met with a bright, engaged group of frontline staff who knew the problems presented by this client group and were interested in finding solutions. It was a day for us again to recharge our batteries. We came away from the Royal Cornwall Hospital knowing that our cause was in good hands and that one day, throughout the country, those harmed by alcohol will be treated to the care and support to which they are entitled.