Training is the bedrock of safe and competent care. We offer training for those supporting people with alcohol related brain damage and dementia. Our training programmes are based upon our experience working with residents over many years. We also believe that training is best done at the workplace rather than in the classroom. Our training philosophy is that we tell people what needs to be done, we ask them to show us what they can do and we stay with them until they are confident. In other words, training with results.


We train on ‘the behaviour of people with ARBD’ based upon ten years of working on the frontline. Our aim is to make support workers competent to work with residents to enable them to attain a level of independent living.


We believe that dementia care is best delivered by those who work at a personal level with clients. We believe that dementia care is best delivered by those who understand the nature of dementia and how a person feels. This is a world where non-verbal communication is paramount.

Our training is based upon earning an ‘outstanding’ rating which has benefits for the care of residents and team building with staff who are valued and committed to the Company.

Each training programme is developed for an individual care home. For more information please contact Milan Mores or Clive Oldridge on….