Lights, camera…..ACTION

An email pops up in our inbox from Sam Kench. He’s making a film about ARBD. Would we be interviewed for his documentary? Milan and I discuss this. Is this something we really want to do? Are these guys serious? Students, particularly those at university, are right at the top of those we wish to inform. Sam tells us that universities have a culture which is structured around excessive alcohol consumption. He’s helpful and he’s done his homework so we tell him to count us in. On the day when we are due to film the weather forecast highlights severe snow storms heading this way from Siberia. No matter. We point the car towards Norwich and head off.
We are met by Tom and Arcadia. Hospitality is provided from one of a number of cafes on the campus where we meet the rest of the crew. The setting is fantastic and the campus, although covered in snow, is still impressive. Later, Arcadia will give us a brief tour of some of the facilities. Sculptures by Antony Gormley, listed buildings and a ceramic museum are memorable. We meet everyone involved with the film and get comfortable. Sam is the presenter/director on this one. He has many questions to which he wants answers. He is relaxed and competent and he reminds me of a youthful Bamber Gascoigne. He is influenced by Louis Theroux but doesn’t work us over. In this atmosphere we are happy to chat and we film for an hour and a half. We are enthusiastic because the crew are professional and are treating the business of filming seriously. We know that they have interviewed others and the resultant production will not be available for a month or two.
Milan and I have enjoyed the experience and we look forward to viewing the finished product. We wonder, when it gets to editing, what bits they will keep in and hope that we have made a good account of ourselves. Now it’s down to Sam, Tom, Cameron, Arcadia, Samantha and Shinichi to present our chosen cause to the world. Who knows, this may be the start of Spreading The Word throughout the world of universities. That would be good and for us would make an enjoyable day worthwhile.