Dementia training for Care Staff

Our training is based upon our years of experience working with people with a dementia. Our programme is aimed at those who work with the individual. We recognise the following basic tenets:

  • Work to maintain a person’s independence
  • Keep things ‘as they were’
  • Avoid confrontation
  • Maintain a calm environment
  • Keep things simple
  • Keep things safe
  • Create routine
  • Encourage humour
  • Maintain nutrition
  • Create memory aids
Our training for care workers is based upon the following:
  • Staff can be seen to ‘connect’ with individuals and recognise all behaviour as a form of communication.
  • Staff recognise and are conversant with many forms of non-verbal communication.
  • Staff see the world through the eyes of the individual and know how to react to their sensitivities, even when this may involve behaviour that challenges us.
  • Staff recognise what is meaningful activity to the individual and engage the resident in activity that would include tasks from a former occupation. Clutter would be recognised as acceptable.
  • Staff recognise the stage of dementia a resident is in and respond appropriately.
  • Staff understand the importance of rekindling an individual’s memory and that knowing a resident’s history is a key element of care.
  • Staff gather information from family and friends.
  • Staff appreciate and manage the emotional upset and the bewildering and frightening prospect associated with a diagnosis of dementia, to both the individual and the relatives.
  • The home environment would be arranged and decorated so that there is an opportunity to stimulate sensory awareness.
  • The home has the feel of being comfortable and welcoming. There would be a sense of community and ‘people doing things together.’
  • There is evidence in the care plan to support the promotion of the positive wellbeing of each individual.
  • All staff, whatever their designation, are trained to understand dementia and to provide support and meaningful activity for the residents. They will encourage residents to work with them.
  • It can be seen that staff have a passion for caring for individuals with a dementia.

All this is created within a FAMILY atmosphere and environment.