Support – Advice

The simple idea behind the ARBD Trust is that we want to spread the word about alcohol related brain damage, but also trying to offer as much support as possible for anyone who is already affected by ARBD. We are also planning to set up a help line where people will be able to ring for advice with specific problems.  It is just that we have seen the effects that too much alcohol and a poor diet can have on an individual – and even on those who may not touch alcohol, the partner and children. They are hurt just as much as the person with brain damage.

We are not against alcohol; we are not a temperance movement. We believe in choice, but to make a choice you need to have the information. Our knowledge comes from our experience since 2006 of working with over a thousand people with ARBD. We say that we are ‘experts by experience.’

We want to tell people what we know, particularly teenagers and students. They are at a time in their lives when alcohol is attractive, socially acceptable, and getting blasted seems a good idea at the time. We understand and accept all that because there were times in our lives when we were there too.

Now, we just want to tell people what could happen. Our talks to schools and youth groups are free of charge but obviously we incur expenses. That is why we have set up a charity side to our business so that we can cover the costs of spreading the word.

We hope you agree and will help us.

Who would have thought that alcohol can give you permanent brain damage so that you need fulltime residential care?

It can’t be possible, can it?
Clive Oldridge & Milan Mores