The reality of a person with ARBD
Training for professionals


In our training session we specifically talked about the behaviour and reality of people who have Wernicke’s Korsakoff’s syndrome (WKS) – alcohol related brain damage, or as it is sometimes called, Wet Brain. Our knowledge comes from working, since 2006, with over one thousand residents in two specialist care homes that we managed.

Subjects covered
  • Information and facts about Alcohol Related Brain Damage
  • Wernicke ́s Korsakoff Syndrome
  • Identifying needs for ARBD
  • Symptoms
  • Behaviour
  • Pathways
  • What to observe and focus on during the assessment
  • Effective care and support
  • A re-engagement programme
  • Community support and potential pitfalls
  • Recommended follow up
  • Family involvement.

This training session is 3 hours long; ideal for staff in care homes and for other professionals, and comes with a certificate of completion. After we deliver the training, we offer on going advice and support for professionals and if required, also non-medical assessments, to be able to offer effective support to people with alcohol related brain damage.

As former managers, we are also offering support and advice with the care plan, daily structure, staff engagement or any management requirements within a care home setting. We have also designed a re-engagement programme which can be use as a part of the care plan for person with ARBD needs.